Date of Birth: 7th June 1984

Place of Birth: St. Leonards-on-Sea

Qualifications (REPs certified):

  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructing
  • Kettlebell Instructor
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Suspended Movement Instructor


My fitness journey so far…

From a young age I was always active. I swam regularly from a young age until well into my teens, played football and also ran cross country.

In my teens I was very conscious about the way I looked. I considered myself very ‘skinny’ and ‘lanky’, and my confidence suffered for it. No amount of press-ups or sit-ups would change it! By the time I made it to University, my confidence was rock bottom. I felt like a social outcast, not helped by my long hair and love of a bandana!

It was at University that I discovered fitness. Or more specifically, the gym. Now I would be lying if I said my life changed dramatically at that moment, my confidence brimming with every ounce of sweat dripped on that gym floor. However, over the space of a few years my physique started to fill out a bit. My shoulders became a little broader, chest a little fuller, and I became less ashamed of my long limbs. As a result, my confidence picked up. I felt more comfortable in my own skin (a haircut also helped), and before I knew it I was making friends for the first time in years and was confident in talking to girls.

Fitness has been a huge part of my life ever since. Similar to a lot of people, I have gone through periods of being spot on with regular training and eating on plan, as well as periods where my diet and training has slacked. I fully understand the conflicts caused by work commitments, family etc, and I continue to face the same challenges as my client’s to this day.


My interests outside of fitness

Outside of fitness I am a keen reader of autobiographies and English history, although my memory of historical facts is awful! I like rock music, especially that of Bruce Springsteen, Frank Turner and The Gaslight Anthem. I am a huge James Bond fan and although being a Personal Trainer is my dream job, I would consider combining it with playing the next Bond when Daniel Craig finally hangs up his tuxedo.