How To Smash Your New Year’s Resolutions

Now we are into December many of us will be thinking of making a New Year’s resolution or three. The majority of these resolutions will revolve around getting fitter, living healthier or losing weight. However, roughly only 1 in 10 of us will succeed in achieving their goals. What can you do to ensure you are one of those people? Here are 10 tips for achieving your New Year’s resolution in 2016:

1. Make only one resolution. Making two or more can be overwhelming and will distract you from fully focusing on each one.

2. Make a resolution that you want to achieve.  Don’t follow the crowd or set a goal that you think others would want you to achieve. It is your life afterall, and when the going gets tough you will only succeed at something that you really want.

3. Make your resolution SMART;

Specific (is your resolution specific and definitive; what, why, who, where, which?)

Measurable (how will you track your progress and know you’ve reached your goal?)

Achievable (what makes your resolution realistic and attainable?)

Relevant (does your resolution really matter to you, how will attaining it benefit you?)

Time-bound (when specifically do you want to achieve your resolution by?)

4. Break down your resolution into smaller goals. Start with your overall resolution and then set yourself a series of short-term SMART goals that will help you to attain it.

5. Write down your short-term goals and your overall New Year’s resolution. Display it where you will see it every day. Fridge door. Bathroom mirror. Front door (inside preferably).

6. Reward yourself for achieving each of your short-term goals. This will help maintain motivation and act as reassurance that you are making progress.

7. Let your friends and family know all about your New Year’s resolution. They will hopefully support and help motivate you, and you may also feel accountable to them.

8. There will be setbacks along the way. This is not failure. ‘Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up’. Keep calm and carry on.

9. Learn something from each of your setbacks, namely why it occurred. This will help you avoid experiencing the same setback in the future and strengthen you mentally.

10. If your New Year’s resolution is related to getting fit, healthier or losing weight… why not seek out a Personal Trainer to help you succeed…

Adam Dicker is a Personal Trainer based in Hastings, East Sussex.


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